What’s Up Doc?

For the first time in 9 months, we were at a doctor’s office and it wasn’t for Cindy. :)

Dec. 9thOur little guy had his first visit to the pediatrician on Thursday, ironically the same day and time of Cindy’s last scheduled appointment had she made it to her original due date. As all parents hope for, Christian received a thumbs up from the doctor in his progression after leaving the hospital. He is already back to his original birth weight, something which normally takes 7-10 days we’re told. Lucky for his sake (and ours) he wasn’t scheduled to receive any shots today. A fate, however, that won’t repeat itself for his follow up visit next month and many afterwards.

Once again, Christian proved to be no problem as we drove around in the car. Just two extra stops after the doctor – Papa needed his Starbucks – and we were back in our warm cozy home.

Let’s Get Things Straight

I may have glanced over a little oversight on our part by jumping right to the doctor visit in this update. Wednesday night was pretty rough as it seems we were letting our son sleep a little too much during the day. As all other parents will tell you, that means our night time plans for resting were for naught. With the doctor’s visit on Thursday, Christian’s first bath (the sponge variety for now) and some daddy playtime for about an hour after the dinner feeding, we’re hoping to straighten out his schedule come night time. As I’m typing this, he’s getting his late night feeding and we’re crossing our fingers.

Photos, Printed

We also hit other marks on the productivity scale Thursday by finally having some of the photos we posted online actually printed. Yes, it turns out people still do that, particularly new parents and parents of toddlers. While there’s still a ways to go for the professional portraits to get here, seeing the ones from my new camera printed as large as 8″x10″ and still looking as great as it does as wallpaper on my 24″ monitor warms my heart. Knowing I’ll be able to capture Christian’s moments in life like with is pretty exciting.

Cue the pressure.

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