Mommy and Baby

A few shots of mommy and baby I took after the portrait session on Sunday.

Glowing Momma

Sleepy Christian

The black and white photo has to be my favorite so far; quite possible the favorite of all the photos I’ve ever taken, too.


The Nelson ohana arrived home late in the afternoon on Monday after Christian’s first car ride. It was only a few short minutes, but it was a new experience none-the-less. Seeing that the temps were in the single digits earlier that morning, we obviously didn’t take our time to see the sights along the way.

It feels good to be in our own home with Christian, although knowing there’s no button with very experienced nurses on the other side of it is a little scary. After the first 8 hours at home, things are still okay, so we’ll just keep learning as we go and make sure this little guy gets everything he needs.

Also, being home means I can work on more of the photos from this weekend a lot faster than I could while cramped up on the couch in Cindy’s recovery room at the hospital. We were already pretty drained on Monday by the time we got settled back in at home, and understandably so. Therefore, Tuesday will hopefully be a little more productive in the photo sharing department.

Until then,
– Kris

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