Another Day Wiser

Well, we probably should have known that baby Christian’s first full day home would be anything less than eventful.

Surprisingly, though, his first night at home went rather smoothly, so we kinda let our guard down. After successful feedings at both 1am and 5:15am, we thought we might have things under control. We’ll the 8:45am feeding attempt proved otherwise and we found ourselves heading closer towards our wit’s end and having a son that hadn’t been fed in close to six hours. Not cool. :(

Bundled UpIn pursuit of a solution, we made a few calls to the numbers and info given to us by the hospital and found ourselves heading over to Healthy Babies, Happy Families. This meant that Christian was up for his second car ride earlier than we had anticipated. All bundled up and snug in his infant carrier, he was a real trooper.

The consultant at Healthy Babies was awesome. She had him feeding again in no more than 2 minutes and with two simple tips from her, we were back in business. Now, as of this writing, it’s been almost 24 hours and each feeding attempt has been quick to get started and that makes all three of us happy.

Around Town

The Healthy Babies store is located in Four Flags, which among other things, has a Babies R Us right next door. Seeing that the Nelson Ohana was already out and about, and our first full night at home leaving us a better idea of what else we needed for Christian, we stuck around and went shopping. After his feeding during the consultation, Christian was pretty much knocked out, so that helped. Just getting the chance to push him (rather, his car seat) around in a shopping cart was one of those small firsts that certainly put a proud smile on our faces.

Cry, Cry, Cry…

Our second new parenting tip came from a different type of professional, Grandma. From around 9pm or so, Christian was clearly not happy with something. For about 90 minutes he was not content with anything we tried, and it wasn’t until we noticed his belly was a little full and rigid and some advice from my mom that led us to whip out the burp cloth and go to town. Sure enough, a few moments later, quiet was was again restored in the Nelson household. You can know for sure that we’re on extra burp patrol after each feeding from this point on. ;)


Although I thought being home with Christian would give me more time to work on photos, etc. in between feedings while he was sleeping, I was sadly mistaken. Chalk it up to being an optimistic papa.

While Cindy has been Super Mommy, I’ve been a little more subjected to exhaustion already. Trying to follow her cues, I’ve been looking to rest when she rests, so I’ve fallen behind on getting the photos posted here on the blog for all our non-Facebook family and friends. Soon, I promise.

– Kris

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  1. Christina December 8, 2010 at 9:52 am #

    I love it! This blog is the highlight of my day, it makes me smile…and sometimes I get a good chuckle when it makes me think things like “They’ll find out soon enough that’s not going to happen.” or “I remember those days.”

    Stay the optimistic papa because it’s all worth it. Great job you two! Christian is a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents.

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