Christian at 6-12 Months

It’s happening, right before our eyes, and camera.

Once we did our first photo shoot with Christian at six months, it hit us – this is the start of our little baby growing up. And fast!

Playlist: Da Baby - 6-12 Months

On the move, our son grows up right before our eyes.

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  • Good Morning, Christian

    June 11, 2011 - Still in his pajamas, Christian gets a good morning tickle from Mama.

  • Feeding Time

    June 11, 2011 - Papa distracting Christian with the camera while Mama tries to feed him cereal for lunch.

  • Christian vs. Sun Chips

    June 14, 2011 - Christian gets a hold of Papa's chips at Potbelly, but can't seem to get them open. So he opts for the next best thing...breaking all the chips inside.

  • Help Yourself

    June 14, 2011 - After Papa takes back his chips, Christian decides he's not finished and uses a little infant ingenuity to get what he wants. He's nothing if not persistent, that's for sure.

  • Sitting Up

    June 30, 2011 - Christian's 2nd day sitting up by himself. Papa needs to work on his manual focusing a little better, too.

  • Busse Woods

    June 19, 2011 - Christian sitting with Mama and watching all the other kids running around and playing at Busse Woods.

  • Mama's Shoes

    July 30, 2011 - Sitting in the grass of a park near the beach in Lake Geneva, Christian seems intent on playing with Mama's shoes, despite having other toys nearby.

  • Testing the Waters

    July 4, 2011 - Christian gets his toes in our cousins for the first time. His reaction...?

  • Big Kid Swing

    July 4, 2011 - After months of enjoying his swing at home, Christian tries out the big kid swing at the park.

  • Swinging with Mama

    July 4, 2011 - The focusing still isn't great (still working on that) but Christian's laughter is always entertaining, and when he makes it all the way to the camera with each swing, he face is all smiles.

  • Shopping for baby food

    July 9, 2011 - Christian starts weighing in on our food selections at Target, now that he's moving up from baby oatmeal.

  • Starbucks with Mama

    July 19, 2011 - Playing the leather chair drum at Starbuck with Mama and his stuffed toy, Lizzy.

  • Movin' Around

    July 20, 2011 - Rolling around on the floor just before bedtime.

  • Dinner Chatter

    August 5, 2011 - Christian having a conversation while out with dinner with Cindy's aunt and uncle.

  • Baby Christian and Papa

    August 6, 2011 - Christian and Papa test out the new webcam he bought for Skype before leaving on a business trip.

  • Content

    August 11, 2011 - Christian playing contently and flashing a few smiles at the camera while sitting up and messing around with a toy that he used to play with back before he couldn't even roll over yet.

  • Lunch in Maui

    August 24, 2011 - Christian reading the menu at Leilani's during his first trip to Maui.

  • Christian Clap

    September 10, 2011 - Christian showing off his new clapping skills, despite the conflicting music between the mall music and the songs blasting from a nearby shop.

  • Christian Meets the Bunnies

    September 15, 2011 - Christian's first play date with his rabbit roommates, now that he's able to crawl around.

  • One Plug, One Cup

    October 26, 2011 - Playing with his pluggy and a cup at Panera during lunch.

  • Sweet Potatoes

    November 24, 2011 - Christian tries his first helping of table food, with sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

  • Grandpa and Christian

    November 24, 2011 - Christian and Cindy's grandpa playing with his cane and banging it against the table to make cool sounds. Special guest appearance by Evan, as well.

  • Playtime

    November 26, 2011 - This video was uploaded from an Android phone.