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At some point between that last post of ’09 when we bought a Mac and when I started posting again in April, we picked up a Wii. And as anyone that has one will tell you, they are a lot of fun. Initially, we just stuck with the sports games that came with it, which […]

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We Bought a Mac!

Yes, our household did get another computer, and that’s just one of the many things that have been going on since the last time either one of us posted 2 months ago. I’d like to say I was writing this blog post on our new Mac, but Cindy’s using it. :) Although the weather hasn’t […]

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Dell Mini Screenshots

Just a quick follow up on the review of my Dell Mini from a month ago with a few screenshots and updates. My Desktop Wallpaper With a screen resolution of only 1024 x 600, I picked this inviting photo out of my favorites. 2GB RAM Upgrade Not letting the Microsoft imposed 1GB limit at point-of-sale […]

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