We Bought a Mac!

Yes, our household did get another computer, and that’s just one of the many things that have been going on since the last time either one of us posted 2 months ago. I’d like to say I was writing this blog post on our new Mac, but Cindy’s using it. :)

Although the weather hasn’t been summerlike for most of this year, we’ve almost been too busy to really notice. I won’t even begin to mention everything that’s happened lately, but I’ve been working a second job that has really started to pay off now.  In what little free time we’ve had outside of that, we had to leave town twice for a family emergency, had one closer to home, went downtown to see the fireworks at Grant Park, and went to the 2nd annual Chicago Blackhawks convention at the Hyatt. I wasn’t kidding, busy, busy, busy.

On top of all of that, I managed to find time to launch a new website, Maui by Photo. If you know how much we love Maui, you’ll certainly want to check it out.

Upcoming Stuff
We have sort of a little break right now, but we’re hoping things will pick up again shortly.  Cindy’s birthday is in 2 weeks, so we figuring out what we wanna do for that (I’ll let her fill you in).  After that, we’re targeting a trip to Maui in September for the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops. It’s a 4-day event, but the super low rate on the rooms at the Hyatt are available up to 3 days before and 3 days after, so we’re going to try and stretch it out into a longer trip.  It will be great if we can meet up with some of the folks we met last time, and if airfare dropped a little bit more, we’d be all set.

We’re hoping to have that booked in about 2 weeks, so be sure to see a post here with us kicking our heels in excitement (at least figuratively).

The good news with that trip is that we’ll be spending another anniversary (our 6th) on Maui.  The first anniversary we celebrated there was in ‘07, and there isn’t a better place we’d want to be for it.

More Stuff
After our September trip to Maui, we want to go back to Door County for at least 4 days (more if possible) sometime in October when the leaves are changing their colors in full force. On the getaway front, we’re also trying to save for a trip back to the Door in December as well.  As we learned last winter, there really isn’t much to do when it’s that cold outside and half of the peninsula is the closed, but also as we learned, that’s the point.

I’m also on a new kick to get back to selling my photos again. That’s part of the reason we’re trying to go to the photo festival in September and why I’ve been starting to look into some of the local arts shows in the area. I’ll need to carve out more time to make all that happen, but from what I’ve seen so far, it won’t make me rich but it is definitely doable.

New Blog, Someday
Back to the new website, Maui by Photo, for a second. That was my first blog/website created with WordPress, which is totally awesome.  This blog, and my other existing blogs, are all managed with Blogger, which has it’s pros and cons.  At some point (soon I hope) I’m hoping to migrate over my Maui blog over to WP because it’s getting too big for Blogger, and I want to move this blog over so that I can … well, make it look much better using one of the awesome templates out there.  All I need now is time.

That’s about it for now, since I have other work to do.  Sorry for a lot of text without any photos, but one of us will get back into the habit of blogging here and sharing photos, too.

– Kris

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