Weekend Review 6/1/09

It may be the beginning of June, but it doesn’t feel that way by the looks of the weather… 

I had a three day weekend… but it’s been a good and a bad weekend for me..



Friday morning I had my nail appointment.  My  husband had meeting downtown ( John Hancock Building), while he was in the meeting, I took the opportunity, to walk downtown, and enjoy the beautiful sites, and landscapes of downtown.

The evening consisted of dinner out and relaxing.



During the early afternoon we ran some errands, then we went over to my Aunt and Uncles house, to visit, and answer any computer questions that my Uncle had.  We had dinner at Curragh it’s a small Irish restaurant.  ( this is where the bad part of my weekend comes in) while having dinner, I received a phone call from my mom, telling me my sister is in the hospital. 

after dinner we went home and relaxed for the evening




We ran the rest of our errands, did some more computer tech work, with my uncles computer.  Found out my Mother in law wasn’t feeling good( bad news number two), and sister is still in critical condition.

We had a family birthday party that we attended in the evening.

Finally we came home, and relaxed before I had to go to work..


Like I mentioned it was a good and bad three day weekend.  hopefully next weekend will be better, but the week isn’t starting out that way.

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