Christian at Age 2

So much for the Terrible Twos!

So many fun times after Christian turned 2. On skates (roller and ice), eating on his own, having full conversations, you name it.

Playlist: Our Son - Age Two

Growing up before our eyes, a collection of videos from after our son's 2nd birthday.

12 Videos

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  • Helping to feed the rabbits.

    April 7, 2013 - Helping Mama give the rabbits their afternoon greens.

  • Christian Roller Hockey Apr '13

    April 14, 2013 - Highlights from Christian playing around with his hockey stick on his roller skates.

  • Christian Phone Call

    April 22, 2013 - On the phone with Grandma telling her all about his day at the zoo.

  • Yummm, Swedish Meatballs

    July 15, 2013 - Christian at the peak of his Swedish Meatball habit at IKEA.

  • Papa's Hockey Helmet

    August 4, 2013 - Trying on Papa's hockey helmet while packing it up before a game.

  • Ride 'Em Cowboy

    August 12, 2013 - Christian riding an outdoor rocking horse at the animal farm during our summer Door County road trip.

  • Another Day, Another Farm

    August 13, 2013 - Having fun on a small walking bridge during our visit to The Farm in Sturgeon Bay.

  • Happy Birthday Mama

    August 17, 2013 - Christian with a little birthday cheer for Mama.

  • Ready for the Ice

    September 14, 2013 - Trying on his new hockey gear, getting ready to go skating for the first time the next day.

  • Running at the Rink

    September 15, 2013 - Skates on and ready to hit the ice. Taking a dry run first.

  • Here We Go

    September 15, 2013 - Taking his very first steps on the ice with his new skates. Still a lot of work ahead, but you can tell he was having a blast.

  • Finishing His First Lap

    September 15, 2013 - Coming around the last turn of his first lap. Still smiling, but Papa's back is not happy.