Easter 2014 [Photos]

After the winter that seems like it would never end, Easter has now already come and gone this year, and with it another measuring stick of how Christian has grown from year to year.

As has been the family tradition from even before he was born, we headed to the Public Landing in Lockport for Easter dinner with Cindy’s family. But before we left, we took a few photos at home first.

After a lovely dinner, and the usual post-dinner nap on the ride home (for everyone except Papa, of course), we took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather and played outside for the first time this year.

We even had time to head over to Grandma’s for a bit, getting a chance to get the old tricycle out of storage.

Lastly, it was time to unwind at home, and reading through Christian’s Cars book before getting ready for bed.

And of course, that was the same book he was reading from the last post.

All told, it was an absolutely perfect day.

If you’d like to see more, check out the Easter, Apr ’14 Gallery for more photos.

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Easters Past

As I mentioned, Easter has been a great time to compare how much our son has grown from year to year.

Check out Easter 2013 and Easter 2012 to see for yourself.

And let’s not forget his first Easter, either, at 4 months old.

Easter, 2011

I always loved that shirt. :)

Enjoy the photos!
– Kris

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