Our Summer Door County Road Trip – 2014 Instagram Edition

Another Door County trip has come and gone. And as usual, way too fast, as well.

For this trip, as I did two years ago, I decided to capture our happenings on Instagram. Below, you’ll find those photos as they tell the story of our more recent visit to what seems like our home away from home…


As with all our drives up north, we stop about halfway in Sheboygan for our last sip of Starbucks until the return trip home.

Christian finds an Etch-a-sketch at Starbucks? Talk about #tbt :) #summer #roadtripinstagram.com/p/qkTUkmLBtO/

The drive up was rather uneventful, which is always nice. This time, rather than staying at the Bridgeport Resort like we have been doing, we had this view waiting for us at the Westwood Shores instead.

Our view for the next few nights #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qkiqJ_LBnN

Thursday Night

If you thought that view was great, you have to see what the sunset looked like that night from down by the shoreline.

A great first night #doorcounty sunset for our #summer #roadtripinstagram.com/p/qkw_PwrBt-/


For our first full day in Door County for this trip, we hit a few quick stops before heading to The Farm in Sturgeon Bay. This was our second time here since Christian was born. Sure, he likes the animals and all, but he hasn’t found a tractor yet that he hasn’t wanted to (pretend) drive.

Big tractor, little boy #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qmhQlPLBqE/

From there, it was time for lunch, and another favorite of ours – grabbing deli sandwiches at Main Street Market in Egg Harbor, and heading down to the Egg Harbor Marina park for a little picnic.

Picnic lunch at the Egg Harbor Marina park #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qmsXmLLBtY/

From there it was time to hit the road to do a little driving, a little shopping, and ultimately having Christian take his nap in his carseat while Mama and I try to find a nearby coffee shop that stays open passed 3pm.

We came up with a little theory about why our usual coffee stops were closing at 3pm during the summer – that’s probably when most folks switch from coffee to wine for the rest of the evening ahead. :)

Friday Night

After finding a new (to us) coffee shop in Sister Bay, Christian was once again awake and it was time for dinner. And where else to stop for dinner than Joe Jo’s in Ephraim.

It’s not truly a #doorcounty #roadtrip without dinner, and gelato, at Joe Jo’sinstagram.com/p/qnEZzWrBj_/

And you can’t have pizza at Joe Jo’s without also having gelato, and while Christian and I shared some stracciatella, it seemed an opportune time to share a selfie, too.

The gelato selfie #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qnIzcSrBqa/

On any other night, pizza and gelato would make for the perfect end of a day in the Door. But tonight was special because… we’re going to the drive-in!!!

20 mins to gates open #summer #roadtrip #doorcounty #planesmovieinstagram.com/p/qnMa35rBvR/

I don’t remember exactly how long it’s been since coming to a drive-in, but it’s definitely been awhile. #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qnQWTZLBli/

I mean, how cool is that? Not only are we in Door County during the opening weekend for “Planes: Fire & Rescue”, but the SkyWay Drive-in in Door County is showing it on opening night?

We hadn’t had an amazing stroke of movie-luck since we got to see the movie “Miracle” right on Waikiki Beach during our honeymoon in 2004.

Needless to say, Christian had a blast watching a movie from the car, and seeing a brand new movie (after watching “Cars” and “Planes” practically daily for the last few months) was a huge bonus. Here’s to hoping he remembers that experience for a long time to come.


Seeing as it felt near-impossible to top a day like Friday, Saturday was a primed to be a much more laid back, play-it-by-ear type of day.

And those, like most days, start with coffee at KICK in Sturgeon Bay and walking around downtown after that. This time, being Saturday, we found ourselves at the weekly Farmers and Craft Market.

Checking out the farmer’s market on the gorgeous #doorcounty day. #summer #roadtripinstagram.com/p/qo5rY0rBsc/

Mama and Christian #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyhttp://instagram.com/p/qo7xA1LBgn/

From there, we slowly moved up north for a little walking and shopping in Fish Creek, where of course, we had to stop at Kid Works. It always amazes me the things our little 3 year old remembers, but when we recognizes a toy store from the view from his carseat after only going there twice in 18 months, it’s uncanny.

Not to mention the fact that he knows exactly where the toy cars and trucks are the moment he walks through the door.

Anyway, as we sat and had lunch at Stillwater in Fish Creek, we watched trolleys driving back and forth on the busy road, chartering guests for a nearby wedding. With that, the question for Christian was whether or not he wanted to see where all the trolleys were coming from.

So we went, just to check it out. But before we knew it, we had tickets for a 60-minute tour with the Door County Trolly, Inc.

Our first trolley tour with @doorcountytrolley #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qpWArOLBlC/

All aboard #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qpWc0aLBmG/

We weren’t sure how Christian was going to handle the tour at first, but he was great. While there wasn’t much that we saw on the tour that we hadn’t seen our own over the years, we definitely learned quite a bit from our tour guide in just an hour’s time. Definitely recommended.

Saturday Night

Now, when I said we were making up Saturday as we went along – as evident by the impromptu trolley ride – we did know that we wanted to go back to P.C. Junction for dinner. We were there last year, too, but didn’t get the chance to sit inside where all the fun happens.

And when I say fun, I mean…

Our drinks are here… #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qplsnlrBjq/

If you know our son well enough to know how much he likes cars and trains, just like every other 3 yr old boy in the country, you probably pictured his expression to be something like this.

Someone really likes the idea of sitting in front of train tracks while having dinner. #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qpmbTdrBlM/

From there, you’d probably think that couldn’t be topped. Well, when in doubt, ice cream. :)

Let’s see how this on ends. #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qptCPzLBvu/

Even after all of that, will still had time to make it back to our room before sunset.

Sunset view from our room before heading to the pool to tire out one rather energetic toddler. #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qp1f8-LBvI/

Alas, to our dismay, our attempts to tire out Christian in the pool at the resort were for naught. But even after a short time in the water, he was winding down for the night.


It’s always tough waking up the morning we have to go home, but it still starts like any other. With a coffee run.

One last fuel up before we start heading for home #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qrdUH4rBif/

As with Saturday morning, we headed out on foot one last before the drive home. And that meant walking to the steel bridge one more time.

One more stroll over the Michigan St. bridge. #summer #roadtrip #doorcountyinstagram.com/p/qrfTUMLBmi/

From there, it was time to hit the road. And, as with our journey north, the trip back south means a stop in Sheboygan for lunch and Starbucks. So for lunch, that meant sandwiches at JJ’s. Well, sort of.

Stopped halfway home for lunch. He didn’t want his turkey sandwich, so he decided to make a chippy sandwich instead. #summer #roadtripinstagram.com/p/qr2mGlLBpJ/

And if you’re wondering, he only took about two more bites and that was it.

Finally, just like we have a hard time making the entire drive home without making a few stops, neither can the car. So, when we stop to gas up at the Oasis near home, we stretch our legs.

Last stop before home. As always, having to stop and watch the cars drive under the oasis. #summer #roadtripinstagram.com/p/qsKfSjLBgy/


And there you have it, another Door County road trip in the books, and recapped with our makeshift Instagram journal for the trip.

While this will not be our last visit to DC by any stretch of the imagination, this view of this year’s summer road trip will be a great way to relive these memories for many, many years to come.

Until next time…

– Kris

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