Our Instagram #Summer #Roadtrip

Boy, that was fast.

On Sunday, we’re heading back home after spending our latest extended weekend vacation up here in Door County, WI.

We went to the usual places, but this time Christian was a little bit older and was able to participate in more of the fun than previous trips.

We also took a few more family portraits, like we did last October.

It will take a day or so after getting home before I can get the photos edited and uploaded, but in the meantime I’ve been sharing our photos of the weekend on Instagram.

#Summer #Roadtrip

Last month, I shared a post featuring our Instagram photos tagged with #summer.

Well, all this weekend I’ve been tagging our photos with both #summer and #roadtrip. Check out the photos below.

[instapress userid=”krisnelsonphoto” piccount=”24″ size=”120″ effect=”fancybox” tag=”roadtrip” max_id=”263288503988394964_17947821″]

It’s been a fun weekend, as it always is up here. Looking forward to getting home and posting the rest of the photos here for everyone.

Until then, have a good week.

– Kris

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