The Chase [Video]

After a brief stroll down memory lane earlier in the week, I’m making an effort to get some of the photos and videos from the last few months posted here so all of you that don’t get to see Christian every single day can get caught up on what you missed. Kinda like those Comcast On-Demand commercials. :)

Outdoors in March?

Although this post is from the first week of May and we hit 85F on Wednesday for the first time in awhile, the following video was actually from March 25th. Yes, it was hard to believe that we were outside without coats while it was still March, but shortly after that April brought us back to reality.

Anyway, here’s Christian chasing around his Uncle Bobby and drawing out the jealousy of his uncle’s dog.

That Hat

This is one of the first times it was nice enough for Christian to wear his new hat. Since then, he has received so many compliments on it, we’ve lost track. In fact, if we had a dollar for every time a complete stranger said they liked his hat, Christian’s college fund would be looking pretty nice right now. :)

Okay, maybe not that often, but still it’s at least 2-3 times a day whenever we out somewhere.

The really neat part is, he just recently started grabbing his hat off the sofa or wherever it is an putting in on himself (but only facing the right way about 25% of the time). There’s video – of course – but that will have to wait until we get the website caught up through this first week of May.

Stay tuned, if I’m able to keep posting regularly, there’s a lot more to coem and we’ll all be caught up in no time.

– Kris


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