Prom Already?

It’s time for Prom already? No, I’m not talking about Christian – come on, he’s not growing up that fast. :P

No, the time for the oldest Ciolino granddaughters to attend their Senior Prom before heading off to graduation and then college has already come and gone as of last week. Where or where did the time go?

Kasey and Kaitie

Seeing as how these two social butterflies have shared the same friends since grade school, it was a given that the pre-Prom party was at their place, and my aunt hired me to shoot portraits for everyone on their special day. Those photos in a minute, but first…

It Seems Like Only Yesterday…

Who could resist a flashback at a time like this?

While the date on my driver’s license says I was 13 years old when the twins were born, I can’t say I remember too much about what was going on with our extended family as we finally broke the streak of 7 grandsons to welcome the first little darlings into our ranks.

I do remember, however, that it wasn’t until they were about 4 or 5 years old that I was just starting to call them by the correct names – and they aren’t even identical twins. Pshh :)

But most of all, it really feels like it was just yesterday when they were the flower girls / ringer bearers at our wedding (sorry girls, but I couldn’t resist a photo here).

Hey, The Photos Already

Okay, enough with the memory lane stuff. Here are the images I shot from the warm reception at Casa de Karlin last Friday.


And yes, the captions are right – both of their dates were named Eric. I know, I know, they also have an older brother named Eric, too. It happens. :)

Way Too Fast

It’s amazing how fast times like these always pass us by.

By the end of the summer, these young ladies here will be off on their way to college. The current over/under for our own son being on rollerblades is July 4th. And the next darling granddaughter in line is having her Sweet 16 party at the end of May.

Wait, is it really May already? Sheesh. Guess I better get back to uploading all those photos and videos of Christian from March and April before he gets old enough to know how to delete them (and the backups). Not to mention update that photo at the top of our website that was taken way back in December.

On that note, take care everyone.
– Kris

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