1st Hockey Stick

And so it begins…

Where's The Goalie?

I know it’s been awhile since the once regular posts and updates about our little guy (be honest, that’s why you’re here), so my apologies for that. Still pretty busy and all that, but we’ll try to do more as time allows.

Hockey Stuff

Moving on to the good stuff, Christian had a little fun with his very first hockey stick this weekend, and of course, we had to share.

Saturday was a non-typical double-header for Papa at the roller rink, and before the game, we gave Christian one of Papa’s sticks to play with, and Mama shot this video from her phone.

As you can see, he took to it very well, despite it being more than 2x his own height.

So, before Sunday’s trip to the rink, we decided to cut down one of our old sticks to be more height appropriate for Christian, and captured another video and some photos as well.

And, the photos:


We were all set to do a full photo shoot on Monday after work, but Papa came down with the flu on Sunday and has had to avoid contact with Christian ever since. :( Having Papa sick and suffering is one thing, but having a 16 month year old with the flu would be way worse, for sure.

Next Weekend?

With any luck, Papa will be fully recovered by this weekend (or Mama might kick him out of the house until he’s better) so if this amazing weather continues, you can bet we’ll be trying to get outdoors and take some more photos. If we do, I promise to share them here with all of you.

Until then, stay healthy!
– Kris

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