Winter Family Fun [Photos]

Happy SmileFinally, we had Snow!

Emphasis on had. With our second snowstorm in just over a week, we finally had a chance to go outside and play in the fun white stuff on Saturday. Sadly, however, no more than 72 hours did the temps raise and the rain washed it all away. Boo.

Still, we took photos for about 15 minutes as Christian enjoyed his first time playing in the snow. You can tell by the look on his face that he was totally enjoying himself, too.


As fun as it was, there’s not immediate signs of another snowstorm this week, and we’re still waiting to find out when in February our next Door County trip is going to be. It’s such a shame that we haven’t had our usual snow this winter, but at this rate, maybe we’ll still be skating outdoors on my birthday in mid-April. :)

– Kris

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