Look Who’s Walking Now [Photos]

MotivationAs some people have bore witness to already, our son is up on two feet with nothing standing in his way these days. I had also promised early last week to share some photos and a little video of Christian showing off his latest talents, so it’s time to make good on that promise.

Here are a few images from us with Christian shooting out in the hallway of our condo building.


Maybe it was just a little cabin fever being smack in the middle of winter these days, but both of us had fun running through the halls with Christian for a little bit on Sunday. It seems he gets a kick out of it, too, when you’re standing next to him one second and taking off full speed the other way. Seems like foreshadowing to some great afternoons outdoors this spring and summer.

Fortunately, no other tenants were disturbed during the photo session or the shooting of this video. :)

– Kris


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