Into the Pool… almost

Sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be published last week, but I just noticed it never went out. :(

As promised, it’s time to start posting some of the video we shot during our 4th of July festivities.

First up is Christian’s first dip (feet, anyway) into the pool at my cousins’ house.

As you can tell, it didn’t go over very well. He doesn’t give us problems when we give him his bath, so I don’t quite know what to make of it yet. Maybe it was too cold, there were too many people, who knows.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Papa can’t swim. Yes, I grew up spending my entire childhood on frozen water playing hockey instead of splashing with my siblings and other friends at the local pool (which we grew up less than 3 blocks from, by the way).

So that sort of rules out underwater photography of the shores of Maui anytime soon, and the smart money is on Christian learning to swim before I do. We have some time, we’ll see how it goes. ;)

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