July Family Portraits

Family PortraitPhotos by Kamila Lonska (KlonPhoto)

Forget the nasty heat spell we’ve been under, we had a great Sunday!

Okay, maybe it’s not so easy to forget about how frickin’ hot it is outside. But aside from that, what made our day was having family portraits taken Sunday afternoon, and now we get to share them with all of you.


These photos were taken by photographer Kamila Lonska, of KlonPhoto.

She currently shoots for one (sometimes two) of our inline hockey teams on Sunday, so we asked her if she’d be interested in capturing some updated photos of our ‘ohana. With all the studio gear that Papa has been picking up lately, we brought it all over to Kamila’s place to shoot and made an afternoon of it.

In addition to shooting portraits for us, we also took photos of her brother’s family, their 14-month old daughter (who didn’t sit still very long at all) an even some shots of Kamila and her boyfriend, Kamil. Fun was had by all, and we’ll certainly do this again before the summer is over.

Papa and Christian

With Papa taking so many of photos of Christian lately, it felt good to step out from behind the camera for a bit. After all, we can’t look back at his first year two decades from now and only see photos of Christian with his Mama, now can we.

Christian and Papa

Thanks again Kamila and Kamil for letting us take over your living room for a few hours. These photos are going to last a very long time. :)

– Kris

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