July Photos Now Online

Well, it’s August already. Despite a decent stretch of hot, steamy days and stormy nights, the summer continues to fly by at a maddening pace.

After getting back from a weekend road trip up to Lake Geneva on Sunday evening and catching up on a few other items, I went through and posted all the July daily photos for you to enjoy. And of course, we wanted to point out a few of our favorites.

Jul. 8thJuly 8th

Jul. 12thJuly 12th

Jul. 15th
July 15th

Jul. 16thJuly 16th

Jul. 17thJuly 17th

240 Photos!

With Christian turning 8 months old later this week, it’s hard to believe but we already have 240 photos in our daily baby project! That’s a lot of firsts and happy memories – not to mention a good number of sleepless night, too. But still, it seems like photo 365 is just right around the corner, and before we know it, we’ll be taking pictures at his 1st baby luau in December. :)

But first things first, we leave for Maui in 3 weeks, so let’s take that in for a bit, shall we?

Enjoy the July photos!
– Kris

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