Can You Say Vacation?

Wait, it’s Memorial Day already? Holy cow, that was fast!

Christian is hitting the six month mark next weekend, and his list of firsts is about to get even longer. Now that he’s a road trip pro, we’re excited to finally get back to some of our favorite vacation spots this summer. And boy, do we really need a vacation. :)

Door County, WI

First up, we’re making another trip up north to Door County, Wisconsin – our 7th trip north, and our first this early in the summer months.

Cana Island Lighthouse

It’s also our first trip to Door County since Christian was born, and it was an August stay in Sturgeon Bay last time. We’ll be staying in Sturgeon Bay this time around as well, but only because we waited until the last minute to make reservations. We leave in just 10 days, and I didn’t realize things were booking up so fast as they have since we started looking these past few weeks.

We’re really looking forward to walking around all the different towns and taking him down by the water and to the different parks. There is also an annual lighthouse festival that weekend, so that’s going to be fun, too.

Back to Maui, Baby

Not to say the Door County trip isn’t a big deal, but we’re super excited that we’ve booked airfare to Maui last week for a trip in August. It’s going to be our 6th trip to Maui, and after missing our visit last year, it will be our first as an ‘ohana.

D.T. Fleming Beach

Like our last Maui trip, this one is scheduled around the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops, and we’ll be staying at the Hyatt again. To help with Christian, Grandma will be coming along for the trip so Cindy can have a little free time on her own while I’m at the workshops. After all, being pregnant for 9 months last year and everything we’ve gone through as new parents this year, Cindy deserves to enjoy herself on this trip more than anyone.

And a special mahalo to everyone that volunteered to help with Christian on this trip. Grandma was the obvious first choice, and we’re happy she’s coming along.

After That?

What do you mean after that? It’s Maui, why would we want to think about anything else?

Kidding aside, we don’t know if we’ll have any more trips in us this year, but you can never rule anything out. Just getting back to Maui after starting our ‘ohana and seeing all of our friends again is a big enough deal in itself. Counting down those next 90 days is all we’re thinking about right now.

More on the Door County trip in a few weeks when we get back.

– Kris

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