A Day in the Park

Our friends and family on Facebook have already seen these images from Saturday, but getting caught up on the blog and sharing this as Christian’s first year continue. After all, it was his first half-birthday on Saturday, so what better way to save the memories of how cute he and his Mama were and share them with all of his future girlfriends. Very, very future girlfriends, that is. ;)

Cute, eh?

After a brief storm, Saturday turned into a beautiful day, and we found ourselves at Riverwalk Park in Naperville. After we made it passed the wedding parties and found a nice quiet spot by the river, I took out my camera, we freed Christian from the stroller, and the rest is here for you to enjoy.

More Photos Soon

These are the best shots from Saturday’s shoot (which is pretty good for only about 15 minutes). But we are leaving town this week for a little road trip, so I’ll have camera in-hand and we hope to more great shots like this to share with you next week.

Stay tuned,
– Kris

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