Playoff Results – Day 12

Three teams entered into Easter Sunday’s matches facing elimination; two survived to force a Game 7 on Tuesday. And anyone within earshot of our home knows that the Hawks were one of those teams. Let’s hit the numbers…

Day 12 Results

  • Kris: 1-2
  • Cindy: 3-0
  • Christian: 2-1

Results so far

  • Kris: 24-18
  • Cindy: 17-25
  • Christian: 19-23

Mama scores with the hat trick on Sunday, which could be the turnaround she’s been waiting for. All three of us picked up a point with Philly’s win, but it was Mama’s pick of Nashville defeating Anaheim that was the game winner for her.

With that Nashville win, there are now three teams resting comfortably awaiting their opponents for Round 2. The flip side of that is there are still 5 series battles yet to be decided. The Pens and the Sharks take another stab and ending their series on Monday, while three battles are on tap for Tuesday – including two Game 7’s.

This is the type of excitement that history is made of, and we’re still only in Round 1!

– Kris

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