Playoff Results – Day 11

Saturday was the end of one team’s season, while two other teams facing elimination on Day 11 of the NHL Playoffs managed to live to fight another day. How well did we finish the week?

Day 11 Results

  • Kris: 3-1
  • Cindy: 2-2
  • Christian: 2-2

Results so far

  • Kris: 23-16
  • Cindy: 14-25
  • Christian: 17-22

Papa’s pick of Boston over Montreal put him ahead for Saturday’s results, while everyone one with Tampa Bay as their efforts to force a Game 6 were very evident. Mama’s pick of Los Angeles scored her an extra point as they live on in Round 1, but her choice of the New York Rangers was not as positive. The Rangers become the second team to leave the playoffs, giving Washington at least a fews extra days rest before Round 2.

Our Hawks are back home tonight, hoping to continue their pressure of the President’s trophy winners from the North. It’s been amazing in the last 2 games, we’ll see if we can force Luongo into early retirement!

In addition to the Hawks, Philly and Anaheim are also fighting for their playoff lives today, so when all is said and down tonight, we’ll know for sure just how much Round 1 hockey is left after Monday’s games.

– Kris

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