Playoff Results – Day 13

Another one bites the dust, as one of two elimination games on Monday night ends with a handshake. Who’s numbers did it hurt?

Day 13 Results

  • Kris: 2-0
  • Cindy: 1-1
  • Christian: 2-0

Results so far

  • Kris: 26-18
  • Cindy: 18-26
  • Christian: 20-24

With the entire ohana pulling for Tampa over Pittsburgh, it was the Nelson men that came away with the tiebreaker as the Sharks sent the Kings to the beach starting on Tuesday. With the Sharks securing a Round 2 spot, there’s just one more game in the West to be played, and that’s our Hawks taking on the battered Canucks.

Tampa’s victory in the East means that series will continue on Wednesday, with only one series in that conference already decided. That will change on Tuesday, as Philly and Buffalo end their series with a Game 7 battle as well. By the end of the night, Round 2 is going to look a lot clearer than it does now.

– Kris

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