Say Aloha to Christian!

Our son has arrived, and a whole six days earlier than anyone expected. Please give a warm Aloha to Christian Kuhio Nelson.

Many more photos and clips to come, but I wanted to at least get this out there for everyone to see. Our bundle of joy arrived at 5:03am on Saturday, a mere 4 hours after his incredibly strong mother was admitted to Labor and Delivery. How incredibly strong, you ask? Well, this amazing wife of mine – after being admitted already at 6cm – went through all four hours of delivering Christian without any drugs or pain killers. It certainly didn’t look easy, but I can’t say that I have even been more proud of this woman in my entire life!

I liked to think that I did my part during the process, but it was primarily Cindy and the absolutely wonderful Labor and Delivery staff here at the hospital. Not only we were very impressed and appreciative of the excellent care and guidance they provided during labor, they were impressed on how far Cindy progressed in the early stages of labor and the fact that she did it all without medication. I’m led to believe that it’s not as common as I had thought it was.

By The Numbers

Christian tipped the scales at 7 lbs, 12 oz while measuring 19″ long. After a short trip to the nursery for a bath and some standard tests (and letting his parents rest), it wasn’t long before we were all joined in the same room as one big happy ohana. And he hasn’t left our side, since.

Mommy and baby are doing rather well and are looking forward to returning home some time on Monday. We honestly couldn’t be any happier right now, we are truly blessed.

– Kris

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