Thank Goodness for HD

Camera RowWell, our hometown Blackhawks have made it to the final step in their journey for the Stanley Cup Finals. And all I have to say is, thank goodness for HD television.

All of the lifelong hockey fans in our lives are buzzing about how much tickets for the Finals are going for now, and the few that are season ticketholders are smitten with glee that they get to see it live.  The latest I’ve heard is that standing room only tickets are going for $350 a piece, and the seats that we would buy for single games last year are around $750 per person.  You see, my mom’s knees are that great, ya know, so we can’t have her standing the entire game. :P

But alas, with our own little hockey player on the way, dishing out $3,000 for a group of us to enjoy the best game on earth in person this weekend just isn’t in the cards.  That kinda cash can buy a lot of hockey gear for our youngster, not to mention a week long stay in Maui. But for those that have the dough to pack the Madhouse, all I have to say is “make it count!”

The Next Best Thing

Well, when we’re not at the game, we’re either watching and cheering from the comfort of our own home, thanks to the beauty of high definition television, or we’re out at Buffalo Wild Wings like we were last Friday. Of course it’s not the same, but from the noise we make watching the game, you probably couldn’t tell the difference.

As for the chance of seeing the cup in person, I’m sure we’d have a better view of it if it makes a trip to the Blackhawks Convention this summer when we stop by for the second year in a row.  It’s a lot easier to read the names on it from up close than the 300 level at the UC.  But, now that’s getting ahead of ourselves, and we don’t want to do that.

Let’s Go Hawks!

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