The First Trimester Weight Loss Plan

Cindy had her 12-week check-up on Thursday, and so far all is well.  As some of you know, she’s been having quite a bit of trouble with morning sickness that hasn’t been confined to just the mornings.  It was not more evident during her weigh in at the appointment.  Between her 8-week appointment and this most recent one 4 weeks ago, she has lost 7 lbs.  Who knew the start of a pregnancy could lead to weight loss?

As difficult at the last 4 weeks has been, there’s still nothing to worry about the weight loss.  At this point, our little one is only 6.25 cm tall, so the he or she still has a lot of time to grow along with Cindy’s belly.  For now, we’re both just looking forward to when Cindy can eat regularly again.

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and support.

– Kris

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