Kris and Cindy Plus One

Our Aloha '09 PhotoAnd no, I’m not talking about our little bunny this time. :)

As Cindy and I each shared on our Facebook walls this past Thursday, we are officially expecting our first child! The due date for now is December 9th, and we’ll definitely have more details as the weeks and months progress. For now, it would be obvious to state that we’re both really excited.

Aside from just the short announcement earlier, I thought I’d take a few moments to share how this all happened and what lies ahead for us. And no, I’m not talking about that, so get your mind out of the gutter! :P

How It Happened

The discussions started around the holidays last year. Parenthood wasn’t something we wanted to just dive into lightly, especially because we had grown quite accustomed to our lifestyle at the time. I mean, come on, annual trips to Maui isn’t something you just give up willy-nilly.

So it took some time and a lot of thought, but in the end we decided now was the time and the rest will just have to go on hold. We know starting a family is going to be a lot of hard work, but we’re both up to the challenge and looking forward to all the memories we’re about to be create.

The Frequent Questions

In order to have a little fun with this post, I thought I’d throw in a few commonly asked questions that you’d expect to be asked as first time parents-to-be. Here it goes:

  1. Was this planned?  I know Kris used to say he’d never have a car seat in his car.
    Answer: Yes, I just mentioned we thought long and hard about this.
  2. How’s the mother-to-be?
    Answer: She’s hanging in there, the constant morning sickness is really wearing her down. Hopefully it will end soon.
  3. Is the family excited?
    Answer: That would be an understatement. I have an 3 year old cousin that everyone adores, so I see us helping to continue that sentiment for years to come.
  4. Do you want a boy or a girl?
    Answer: Kris – a girl, since I grew up with 2 brothers and it would be a nice change.  Cindy – no preference, just a nice, healthy baby.
  5. Do you want to know the sex before hand?
    Answer: Yes.
  6. Who’s in charge of picking names?
    Answer: I’m giving Cindy first crack at names, as long as we don’t slaughter the spelling like my full name – Kristofor. I think it would be neat to have a Hawaiian middle name, but we’ll see.
  7. Will this be your only child?
    Answer: More than likely, but never say never.
  8. Is Cindy planning to go back to work afterwards or stay at home?
    Answer: Still yet to be determined. With me telecommuting and a pretty experienced support staff being my extended family, we certainly have options.
  9. What is Cindy missing the most while being pregnant – aside from Maui?
    Answer: Starbucks, followed closely by a good margarita at Chili’s.
  10. What about all those friends in Maui, are you coming back?
    Answer: Definitely Yes! At the earliest, we’re thinking when the child is at least 3 years old, so maybe 2014. A lot can change between now and then, but we want every one to get to meet our new keiki.
  11. Do you still want to move to Maui?
    Answer: Not ruling it out yet. As mentioned, a lot can change, but if we did it would probably be before kindergarten and preferably somewhere in the upcountry.
  12. Is your current place big enough?
    Answer: We think so, but I’ll be getting kicked out of my home office at some point. Odds are I’ll be sharing space with our rabbit, Star.
  13. Speaking of Star, how is she taking the news?
    Answer: She has no idea what’s coming. It should be interesting once our child gets a little older and having a rabbit in the house.
  14. Forward or defenseman?
    Answer: Hopefully a defenseman, and definitely not a goalie! ;)
  15. Does this mean Kris will be getting back into photography?
    Answer: I’m confident our child will have a well documented youth, that’s for sure.
  16. How long until Kris has his son or daughter on Twitter?
    Answer: Very funny guys. I’d say at least 3 years old. :)
  17. Any other special plans in the near future?
    Answer: I’d personally like to have a baby luau for his/her first birthday, but we’re not that far yet.
  18. Where will there be updates on the pregnancy?
    Answer: I’m working on getting Cindy back into blogging, everybody help me out by leaving a comment that you want her to start posting again!
  19. Has Cindy seen all these questions in advance of this post?
    Answer: Some, but not all.  I’m sure she’ll yell at me for a few of them.
  20. Did you really need to have 20 questions in this post?
    Answer: No, but I said I wanted to have fun with this, didn’t I?

So, there you have it. Feel free to leave your own questions, comments, or suggestions if you’d like.

And of course, thank you everyone for all your well wishes so far, and for your support in this journey we’re starting together. I know it will be trying at times, but in the end it’s going to be well worth it.

– Kris

5 Responses to “Kris and Cindy Plus One”

  1. Darlene May 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    Hey…….per your answer to question #14………….just what’s wrong with having a netminder for a child?? They are what keeps your defenseman in the game:)

  2. jalove May 2, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! Enjoy the innocence,bright light and true love from babies! My baby is gonna be 21 this summer, his 1st baby party was at Rainbow Park off of Baldwin Ave.(my friend made fresh indian food and we had the party bouncer castle. ) The first travel for him was to Washington state when he was almost a year. Robert(the dad ) is from there . The traveling is somewhat easy when there are younger,we also went to SF, and Utah all before my son was 4 yrs . After that we got him in the Montessori School of Maui in Makawao. so my son basically a country boy since he did go to Kalama Intermediate and King Kekauliki HS. Oh you will enjoy all stages of parenthood! i have and am still learning about my guy! Mahalo and Aloha

  3. jill deling May 2, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Does Cindy have any names picked out .

  4. Kris May 7, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    Cindy was thinking of a few boy’s names, but no girls yet.

    Jamie, I’m just afraid to be one of those parents with a fussy baby in a middle aisle seat for a nine hour flight. No one wins there. Not to mention the extra luggage that’s a diaper bag, car seat, and stroller.

  5. Christina May 9, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    Oh my goodness! You’re having a baby!!! I know, I’m late, but I just found out about this and am very excited for you guys. Cindy you should definitely blog, it all goes by so fast, and it’ll be really fun for you guys to look back.

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