Our Weekend in Lake Geneva

This weekend was a rather quiet one, in which we had made arrangements to drive up to Lake Geneva, WI for a little getaway and do, well, nothing.

For starters, this was the first trip we’ve taken since I’ve had to put my photography hobby on hold, so there aren’t any pictures to share here. No worries, however, since the majority of the weekend was either rainy or foggy, so my traditional photo ops would have been limited anyway. On the plus side, not lugging around 20 lbs of camera gear and having to keep track of it all weekend was kind of a plus.

Next up, it was some sort of “women’s weekend” around we were staying, so I personally felt a little out of place.  Friends of our have taken part in these little get togethers, so I can’t say too many negative things about them, but it did feel like I was the only male staying at our hotel, and Cindy perhaps the youngest female. :P

What We Did Do

So, the weather was bad and I was outnumbered – there has to be more to this post than that, right?

Well, we didn’t make the drive up north until later in the afternoon, so there wasn’t much time left to do much other than dinner Friday night. But that’s okay, because it’s one of our favorite times of the year – hockey playoff season – so we were more than happy taking in the evening’s games.

ZachOn Saturday, we met up with some of my family that had made the drive up to visit with my great-grandmother, bless her soul, who lives in neighboring Delavan.  Part of our group of eight included my little 3 year old cousin, Zach, who is seen here staring wide eyed at the television, of course.

After lunch and a quick stop for some cannoli, we made our way back to the hotel just in time for the start of more hockey. This time, it was our Chicago Blackhawks that finally took a lead in their Round 1 series against Nashville. And they just had to do it in dramatic fashion, of course, but we’re happy they pulled it off. Overall, it was a great weekend, hockey-wise, and we’re glad we got to see most of it.

Sunday morning, we actually did spend a little time walking through the main streets of Lake Geneva near where we were staying after check-out. We made our way to the Egg Harbor Cafe for a little breakfast and then it was on our way home.

Will We Be Back?

Maybe it was the weather, or just the feeling of being camera-less, I don’t know there was enough there for a return visit. Comparing Lake Geneva to our trips to Door County much further north, the peninsula seemed to have so much more to offer. Plus, downtown Lake Geneva felt pretty busy with a ton of parked cars and decent foot traffic, but I couldn’t decide if I understood why? It was just weird.

So the only plus that Lake Geneva has over Door County for me is that it’s a 90 minute drive instead of 5 hours.  Now, I love road trips, but that extra 7 hours round-trip definitely eats time out of what else you could be doing that weekend.

I feel like I need a disclaimer that this was only my take of things, and Cindy might have her own thoughts. We’ll get her back on the blog soon, I promise. Besides, this is going to be a big week for us, so you’ll be hearing more from her directly, I guarantee. ;)

That’s all for now, have a good week!
– Kris


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