Hawks Tomorrow

Jonathon ToewsJust a short note that we’ll be heading out to the last Hawks home game before the All-Star break. After this home game, the Blackhawks won’t be returning to the UC until Valentines Day, which is night before we leave for Maui.

To help hold us over, we’re planning another visit to Buffalo Wild Wings for the Bud Light Hockey Night on February 3rd. We had a blast last time, and while this one is sort of a drive out to Vernon Hills, we hope we’ll have the same turnout.
After our trip, we have tickets for yet another game against the Sharks (who the Hawks haven’t beat in forever).  And the Sharks game (not until March 25th) will be the good 100 level seats, which mean I can finally bring my camera gear and get shots like I did last year.  Sweet.
On a somewhat related note, the Hawks announced they are currently taking deposits for season tickets next season.  I thought about it for few minutes, but we’re not sure if we’re ready to lay out that kind of cash just yet.  We’ll see, though.
Go Hawks!!!

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