Week Two, Even Closer

Another week in the books on my weight challenge and I’m now down to 184 lbs. I was actually flirting with 183 both yesterday and today, but I’ll go with 184 for the official tally today. After all, I don’t want to come off seeming anerixous or anything, that is if a 6′ tall male in his late 20’s can be considered anerixous at 180 lbs.

Anyway, thinking about cutting out the bike time this week and focusing on my core exercises to help with toning my mid-section, which is pretty much the only thing left that needs attention. I know I mentioned some before and after photos a few weeks ago, and we spent some time this evening looking for vacation portrait photographers on Maui to help capture our upcoming trip. The way I see it, it is still unknown how much longer after this trip I’ll be able to stay in this shape, so I might as well have it captured professionally while I still can. :)
Those that know me, and probably the only ones that might be reading this, know that I’m not typically that self-centered or vain. I don’t want to say that this past 10 months have been somewhat of a coming out for me, but I do know that working toward this goal and losing 80 lbs has really changed almost all aspects of my life for the better. While it has come with some sacrifices, it really is something I wish I would have started years ago.
That’s all for now. See you again for next week’s update.

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