Difference a Week Makes

Boy what a difference a week can make here in Chicago, at least as the weather’s concerned.

Today, it was a very pleasant 30° F for a good portion of the afternoon, something that I don’t think it has done much since Xmas. As we’re getting ready to back out to the United Center for the Hawks game tonight, I can’t help but think of how darn cold it was just 7 days ago when were at the UC last.

Contrast today’s 30° weather with last Wednesday’s -30° wind chills and 2 straight days below 0 air temps, and you get a good understanding of what I’m talking about. Tomorrow, in fact, we’re forecast to be above freezing as well, making it a great chance to get back out to the outdoor rink for a Thursday night skate (plans still pending).

But alas, these temps won’t last. Come Saturday, we’re back into the frigid cold and single digits for a high on Sunday. Sigh. There’s talk of snow on Monday, so that should be fun. Hopefully, there’s only a few more of these winter weather posts left before we leave for Maui next month. And then, after that, it will be March. Sweet.


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