Guess What? More Snow

Yes, as if you thought the frustrating pattern of…Large snowfall, frigid temps, large snowfall, frigid temps, …

Need another chapter, we’ll it’s here. It started snowing again waaaaaay early this morning, and for pretty much the entire day now it’s been coming down with various amounts on intensity. Just around 3pm or so, while it was still light enough out, it looked rather nice with those giant snowflakes like we say Saturday night. Wishing I had taken a photo earlier, but now that it’s darker, however, it’s lost most of its charm.

The current predictions have this weather pattern going until at least tomorrow afternoon, and just for fun, switching from snow over to sleet and maybe rain depending on how warm it gets. All this, and no snow in the forecast for Xmas day.  What gives?  I guess that extra day this leap year is throwing off the schedule.

Anyway, talk of temps in the 40’s this weekend is still a possibility, although, it will probably make the snow and ice even worse than it is now.  We’ll see if they’re right about December being the worst of the winter weather this year.


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