12/22 highlights

I love this time of the year…… Christmas is around the corner, then New Years, 2009 begins, and then we go to Maui in February. During the time between Christmas and New Years, I get to have a few more days off of work, which is the case this weekend, my three day weekend. In addition to Saturday, Sunday, I have Monday off. Kris is off all this week, so it is nice to be off with him.

The weekend before Christmas was snowy and bitterly cold one. It made it very unpleasant for those who were finishing there Christmas shopping. It didn’t stop us from going out, in the bitter cold, and play in the snow. I’ll explain more later.

Picture this it is 8:00pm on Sunday night, cappuccino in one hand, listening to your i-pod (on your new i-pod stereo system), and hearing the wind on this bitterly cold day. Then you have an idea of what I am doing.

You remember Thursday nights snow storm… anyway I woke up Friday morning, expecting all this snow on the ground, and my commute to work to be disastrous, but it wasn’t the only part that was bad was trying to turn into my parking lot. It was a slow day at the pharmacy, but Fridays are short days for me anyway. I worked until three and then my weekend began. After work I did every one’s favorite laundry, then when Kris came home from work, we went by his mom’s for dinner and to watch the hockey game.

On Saturday I had my Zach fix…. Saturdays Marilynn along with Katie, Kasey, and Louise babysit Zach, this weekend Marilynn was babysitting him alone, and instead of babysitting Zach by her house, we babysat him by his house. This boy is a ball of energy.

It just started to snow lightly as we were leaving, Before we headed home we stopped to visit friend of mine I used to work with, It was nice to see her.

Saturday evening is when the snow started to come down harder, but that didn’t stop us from driving in it. A couple weeks ago Kris Blogged about a hockey rink in Glenview he found called Flick Park. Before we ran our errands, Kris wanted to drive passed the outdoor rink and see if it was open . He didn’t have to jump the fence this time. Even though I as Kris said, ” I wasn’t skating,” I still had a good time. There is this awesome hill for sledding that I would like to go on. Even though I hate the cold weather, and not to fond of the snow, the snowflakes coming down was nice. Kris skated for a good hour. it was nice to see him on the ice again. you never know you might a read a post about my first ice skating experience.

We had a few errands to run before going to his moms house for dinner and watch the Blackhawks beat the Vancouver Canucks. Make it 7 games in a row. GO HAWKS!!!

This morning I woke up to frigid cold temps. makes you want to stay in the house and hibernate. Hibernating is what we did in the evening, but during the afternoon we braved the bitterly cold weather, and went out to lunch and ran a few errands. It is amazing how many people were out and about in this cold weather. The bitterly cold didn’t stop people from shopping at the various stores in the village crossing shopping center. We had to stop at Michael’s and it was packed. After we finished we went home and stayed home.

Monday…… Another bitterly cold day is upon us. at least the sun is shining.. It was nice to have a day off. I took the opportunity to wrap my Christmas gifts. Now I am ready for the holidays.
I really didn’t do much just relaxed, but it was nice to have the day off. I work tomorrow, but have Wednesday, and Thursday off, and work Friday. Then I have another 3 day weekend.

Overall I had a nice weekend

thanks Cindy

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