Second Skating Session

Those following me on Twitter and my Facebook buddies found out last night that I was back out on the ice again, and given today’s deep freeze, it was just in time. And unlike two weeks ago, the rink was actually open this time!!!

It was a rather gorgeous night, if you like winter that is. It had been snowing lightly for about an hour by the time we left for the rink, and I was smart enough to bring my own shovel. Being on the ice for about an hour, I probably spent a third of the time shovelling enough space on the ice to actually skate. Those girls from the Ice Crew at the Hawks game are never around when you need them. :)

Anyway, Cindy came with this time, and although she wasn’t skaing (yet), she still had fun and even shot a few video clips of me on the ice. I figured some sort of visual reference might be a good idea for those that either (a) don’t believe I was back on the ice, or (b) wanted to see how fun it really was and come out skating next time.

This first clip is showing off that I still have a few moves left, and was taken later in the session once I shovelled a large enough area to spread out.

You can sort of see some of the snow falling down, but this next clip that Cindy shot is just of the snow falling itself. Again, if you like winter and enjoy those big fluffy snowflakes, this one is for you. If that’s not your thing, you might want to turn away.

Personally, I think that shot of the snow falling is pure beauty.  Very well done, dear!

Overall, there are 7 clips that I uploaded, and you can few them using the playlist below. There is one of me shovelling, which is not to be interpretted as my audition tape for next year’s Ice Crew. There is also a few of me skating with the camera, including the last one which is a pan of the entire rink. Very peaceful.



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