Putting up the Tree

As Cindy mentioned in her post yesterday, we put up our Christmas tree as we do every year. Well, sort of like we do every year. Usually, I just take it out of the box (yes, it’s artificial, and pre-lit, bonus), plug it in and fluff it out.  Cindy takes over from there and trims it just the way she likes with the gazillion different ornaments that I have to lug up from the storage shed downstairs. Just kidding. :)

Also this year, I was feeling a little goofy and decided it would be neat to do a time lapse session of us putting the tree up together and seeing it from start to finish. So, I setup my Canon connected to my laptop, and after a false start (we forgot the tree stand downstairs), it went off without a hitch.  Here you go:

Cindy said it looks like something from Trading Spaces and that we needed to add the theme music to it. :)

Now that the tree is up,

Let it Snow!

And snow it did. Yesterday was the first major snow event we’ve had here in Chicago this season, and while we’re too close to the lake to get most of the snow that fell in the Western Suburbs, we woke up to about an inch on the ground this morning.  Here’s a quick pic from my drive to work this morning.

Winter 007

I’m sure we’ll be expecting more of the same when we make our way up to Sister Bay on Thursday in Door County, WI. Good thing I got my ice skates sharpened this weekend. Can’t wait to use ’em.

That’s all for now, from me at least.


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