"Long Thanksgiving weekend,"

Tree '08

We just got done putting up our Christmas tree. I was contemplating putting up our Christmas tree this year, but I was fortunate enough to have Kris help me put the ornaments on. As I sit at the kitchen table listening to the Bears vs Minnesota game, and blog about my weekend. I look up and see the Christmas tree all decorated, and I think to myself,” I’m glad i decided to put up the Christmas tree.”

As you know Thursday, was Thanksgiving, not only did we spend the holiday with family, but it was followed by 3 day weekend.

Friday…. Friday morning I did the laundry, then we went to Panera on Skokie Blvd for lunch, followed by going to Best Buy, which wasn’t to crowded, we were able to find a gift for his mom. After going to best buy, I looked in pier one imports, but didn’t find anything
We went to jewel, then we came home and watched some of the Blackhawks game, before we got a call from Marilynn, to take Sammie to the vet. After the vet we went to Barnes&Noble. Finally we had dinner by his mom’s house.
Saturday’……… Saturday morning I got my hair done, we went to Chipotle for lunch, briefly walked around Old Orchard. Came home and watched the Hawks lose to LA Kings.
Kris, Marilynn, and myself went to Fridays for dinner. After dinner we went clothes shopping for Kris.
Sunday…… The crappy weather wasn’t going to keep us home, plus Kris and I are practicing for when we go to Door County!!!!!!!! next week. Anyway we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, then we parked by Barnes and Noble, and I went to Victoria Secret, before going to Barnes&Noble It’s nice we get a table in the cafe, have my Starbucks (of course), and I usually read, and Kris is on the computer.
After Barnes, we came home put up our Christmas tree, and relaxed before we have to go back to work.
Looking forward… We have a 3 day work week, followed by Blackhawks game Wednesday night, and leaving for Door County on Thursday. yea!!!!!!
Have a good week.
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