Full Winter Mode

Well, now that we have our tree up and there is snow on the ground (finally), I think it’s safe to say we’re officially in full winter mode now.  Here’s a few other indications, just in case you’re not convinced (or accepting it).

  • The parking lot at the Post Office was packed today, people buying stamps and shipping gifts
  • The shopping center parking lots are littered with rock salt, everywhere
  • Every single store you go into is now playing the same 4 Christmas songs over and over again (I’m at Starbucks right now)
  • Co-workers are comparing their horror stories about their otherwise simple commutes to work
  • People have taken to walking in the streets because sidewalks aren’t shovelled yet
  • All the light poles on major roadways have snowflake or candy cane lit decorations on them, and some parking lots have holiday lights on their trees from about 2 weeks ago
  • That neighbor down the street from you has way too many decorations on his front lawn, dreading his electric bill
  • It looks surprisingly sunny and warm when looking out the window, but it’s not even 25°F outside
  • That new winter coat of yours is already getting that yucky, white dusty stuff on it

I thought that’d be a good start. And if you still haven’t accepted that winter in Chicago has arrived, I challenge you to a snowball fight!!!


One Response to “Full Winter Mode”

  1. Cindy December 2, 2008 at 10:27 pm #

    I offically took the snowbrush out of the trunk of my car, and put in the backseat. cindy

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