door county trip in december

The last entry of my journal was written while we were in Door County in september for our anniversary, it said ” we look forward to coming back next year,” well next year is here. we had such a good time, we decided to plan a second trip to door county earlier than we expected. We will be taking our ssecond trip to door county in beginning of december, and staying at the Scandinavian lodge in Sister bay.
“Sister bay” has been saying “valkomman,” to visitors sinse the days when the steamships used to bring them into it’s large naturally deep harbor. The waterfront still is the focal point if activity for this year round vacation village with it’s popular restaurants, shops, and boating activites.
taking a trip to door county in the begging of december, you expect the temps to be cold, it to snow, or there to be snow on the ground. Even though i hate this time of year, it’s nice to get away, and i hope t0 have a good time. Like kris said, “it beats working.”

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