The Trilogy is Complete

Our Three Dells

I’m a geek, there’s no other way to describe it. I mean really, who else would take photos of their computers just like normal people would do with their children. You can tell Cindy’s eyes are already rolling in the back of her head by now, for sure.

In any case, we are now officially a 3 Dell household with the arrival of my long awaited Dell Mini 910 (the black one). By long awaited I mean it took six weeks from the time I customized it online until it finally arrived today. Cindy’s, on the other hand, was ordered from the Dell Outlet Site and was here in only three days! It turns out that because of all the delays that people had to endure for their custom Dell Mini’s, that after the first few weeks they would just cancel the order. Well, those cancelled orders end up on the Outlet site and sell as refurbished, even through some of them actually left the factory in the first place (and arrive in just 3 days).

So, Cindy’s had hers since Wednesday and she really likes it (ask her, she’ll tell you). I’m still setting mine up the way I like it, but in the few hours that I’ve used it, it hasn’t been that bad. The keyboard is a little snug to say the least, but I’ve started to adapt to it rather quickly and don’t see it being a major issue. Going back to XP after about 2 years with Vista, though, was a little disappointing.

My Dell XPS (the red one there) is still my main machine for everything from web development, photo editing, video processing, and just about everything else. My Mini is going to be my blog anywhere, anytime machine thanks, in part, to my Sprint mobile broadband card, which has recently been upgraded from the size of a Snickers bar down to a smaller thumb drive. Considering I’ve been spending my lunchtime hours blogging at Starbucks over the past few weeks, I’m sure this little guy is going to turn a few heads.

So yeah, not only have I tried to justify having 3 laptops in the house, and also took pictures of all three of them together, but I’ve now also written up a decent-sized blog post about it, too. Come on, say it with me now … GEEK!

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