Snow and Holiday Shopping

That’s what pretty much filled up our weekend. We had the first official snowfall here in the Chicagoland area, and what other to celebrate (I guess) that going out holiday shopping? Kidding aside, we did get quite a bit of our shopping done this weekend, and I’m trying hard not to pay attention to what we’ve been spending. It’s all worth it though, in the end.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed with having too many things I’m trying to do not getting done. Some recent accomplishments do include, however, us receiving delivery of Cindy’s new curio cabinet for all her crystal pieces (still in the process of taking pictures). We were also finally able to get all of our Maui ’07 photos printed out that we wanted for our photo album and scrapbooks, and I even blew up one of the star photos for my office at home.

We’re also days away from putting a deposit down on our next trip to Maui, which might actually happen sooner when we had hoped, so that’s totally sweet. As more details are finalized, I’ll post more info over at Ka’anapali Dreamin’.

That’s the quick update for now. Will post a few more soon.

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