New Wheels, Finally

Finally, after being about six months overdue, I finally have a new set of wheels. I bought a ’07 Pontiac G6, 4-door GT this past weekend. Although it’s not black, it’s blue (Electric Blue Metallic to be exact) and has 17″ chrome wheels, panoramic 4 panel sunroof, 6 disc CD player, remote start, the works. The weather hasn’t been too great this weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to take a few photos to post online. Sometime this week, for sure.

Also, on the Swarovski front, Cindy was able to pick up the two member annual edition pieces that she wanted, so she was happy about that. We have no more room for everything in her collection, so we went out and found a very nice curio cabinet on Friday and will be picking it up this week. We have to shuffle a few things around in our living room to fit it in, but as we’re getting that ready, the plan is to take photos and catalog everything in her collection so we can put them online here at the sight. That will likely take awhile, especially on top of my growing list of todos already.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll trying to run off thumbnail preview pages for all 2,700 photos from our Maui trip so we can go through those and figure out which ones to print at Walgreens, only about 2 months after our trip. We also need to pick out and order which photos we want to use for wall photos from both our ’06 and ’07 trips, as well as transfer the ’07 photos to our digital picture frame. The problem with all of this is that is makes us miss Maui even more, but it’s still fun to relive those memories.

That’s all for now. I’ll post the photos of the new car once I have them.

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