Busy, busy, busy

There’s never enough time, ever.

It’s been pretty crazy the last few weeks; work’s been nuts, money was tight for awhile, and I was starting to get a little overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do but didn’t have time for. But my vodka from Maui came last week, so that helped with the stress a little bit.

Halloween passed, nothing too exciting there. I’ve been meaning to check out some photos online of the Halloween in Lahaina celebration that takes place, which is said to be like Mardi Gras. From what I’ve seen photos of in the past, it looked like fun, but I was also reading recently that they’re trying to crack down on some of it, so who knows.

The upcoming week looks to be fun, which will be a nice change of pace. I might actually get to start looking for a new car in person, rather than just visiting car sites. At this point next week, I could have a new set of wheels, so that will definitely be something to write about.

Other than that, we’re off to Woodfield today to get another member piece at Swarovski again, this time it’s one of the big ones. That will pretty much do it for space in Cindy’s small curio cabinet that she keeps this in, so we’ll probably be buying another curio soon as well. I told her than when she buys the next cabinet and we have to move everything, I’d take pictures of all her pieces and post them to our website. She currently has over 20 pieces in her collection, so that should be a decent sized section on the site.

That’s about all for now. As I mentioned, there’s a lot to do, so I can’t spend too much time writing here.


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