Eight Weeks

We’ll, it’s been almost eight weeks since I’ve posted anything here. It’d be hard to say that it’s been an uneventful two months, just like with anyone else.

The short recap. The holidays were nice, quiet and relaxing. I had my first week off from working during winter break since high school, so that was a nice change of pace. Let’s see. We ended up getting a new TV for Christmas like we had talked about, so that was pretty cool. Oh yeah, and we’re going back to Maui in April for my birthday. :)

The weather here in Chicago has been as up and down as you’d expect. It was ten below for a while, went up to sixty, back down to zero, up to 44 today, and it will be zero again this time tomorrow. What can you say, really.

One of our rabbits had a little scare a few weeks ago, but she’s been doing much better now. She has one more follow up appointment next week and then she should be in the clear.

Other than that, we just play it one week at a time, counting down until we return to Maui (eleven weeks away). There probably won’t be a heck of a lot of posts here at this blog seeing that I’m swamped with everything else I’m working on, but I’ll put up something every once and a while.


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