Papa’s Day Babysitting [Photos]

Cheerful SmileWith Grandma out of town for a mini vacation this week, Papa found himself without a babysitter on Wednesday and had Christian all to himself for the entire day while Mama was at work.

So how did go? We’ll, he took photos with his iPhone throughout the day to capture some of their bonding time together.


Just like everyday, Christian wakes up hungry and starts snacking right away on dry cereal and his milk. This time, he was able to do so while sitting at his new table in the living room.

Breakfast Table

After that Mama left for work, it was time to go into the nursery for a little playtime before his nap. His activity of choice was his giant coloring paper and his crayons.

What to Draw?

Snack Face

Nap Time

After about 90 minutes of playtime, it was time for his usual nap. Don’t you just miss those?

Nap Time

Feet Up?

It wasn’t long before he was out for good, and ended up sleeping for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Sleeping Soundly

Afternoon Walk

Refreshed from his nap, it was time to get out and enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having this week. So he polished off his yogurt and we started making our way towards…wait for it…the nearby Starbucks. :) After Papa grabbed a chai, we walked across the street to the memorial park with the big waterfall.

A Walking We Will Go


He wasn’t as impressed with the waterfall fountain as he was with watching all the cars go by at the intersection, so we had to stop and watch for awhile – from a safe distance, of course.

After that, it was time to head home, but this time we took the longer route through the bike trail near our home.

To the Trails

It might have looked similar to Christian after all the walking we did out at the forest preserve on Saturday, but it was nowhere near the six miles we walked before – which he slept through half of, anyway.


Back home, it was time for a little Baby TV (just a little) and before we knew it, time for another nap as well. What a life!

Just before 3pm, somebody’s tummy was grumbling, so it was time to get up and have lunch. This time, it was a jelly sandwich and pears that Mama made in the morning before leaving for work.

Lunch Time

Speaking of Mama, before we knew it, she was walking through the door and someone was very happy to see her. Not that a full day with Papa was a bad thing, it’s just no comparison to his obvious favorite. :)

More Photos

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All told, it was a great day and everything went smoothly (read: no gross and messy diapers need to be changed without Mama). With the benefit of nice weather outside and breaking up the middle of the workweek like that, it’s something that we’ll look back on and miss once he’s old enough for daycare and, gulp, preschool. :)

Still a little time before all that starts, though, so we’ll look to enjoy these times while we still can.

– Kris


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