Aloha Weekend

Wow, that was a short week!

Hard to believe it’s Saturday already, and we’re another week closer to leaving for Maui. They’re not kidding when they tell you time flies as a new parent.

The Fourth

As fast as this week soared by, there’s still some getting caught up from over this past 4th of July weekend. We took a fair amount of photos Sunday and Monday of last week, and shot some (ok) video from the 4th as well. I still need to work on shooting better video with my digital camera (it’s not true camcorder, mind you) but seeing Christian dip his toes into the pool for the first time and enjoying a real swing ride with Mama are still adorable to watch. Coming soon, I promise.

More Photos

In addition to being behind from last weekend, we already took a head start on this weekend by shooting some photos Friday night. I had ordered one of those studio backgrounds for shooting portraits at home, so we decided to try it out after getting back from the Taste of Park Ridge. Here was our favorite from the night, and we’re planning to do it again Saturday morning before we head out for our errands.

Close UpClose Up

Honestly, I was originally nervous that I wouldn’t be able to capture good images of Christian despite making a serious investment in a high-end camera last November. But now, I can say it was not only totally worth it, but I’m also having a complete blast in the process. :)

Check out the rest below:

– Kris

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