Happy 4th of July

Taste of Chicago FireworksHappy 4th of July everyone!

Being the 4th day of the month, it makes Christian 7 months old today. Lucky 7, yay!

The 4th also marks an unofficial anniversary for Cindy and I, as it was 14 years ago today that we started our relationship. So much for calling it Independence Day, eh? I’m kidding, of course. Love you, baby. :)

No Fireworks for Us

Seeing as Christian is still a tad young for loud and thunderous noises – and the fact that he still gets hysterical when he hears automatic hand dryers when getting his diaper changed in public restrooms – we won’t be rushing out to see fireworks this year. We’ll see how he’s doing with loud noises next year. He may very well have a few Hawks games under his belt by then, you never know. ;)

Instead, we were looking at photos last week on our new Apple TV and came across these fireworks photos from our ’09 trip down to the Taste of Chicago. Coincidentally, that was the last year the city put on their grand fireworks show. So until they get their finances straight in future years, these will have to do.

– Kris

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