Cherry Hut

At the Cherry HutMama and Christian in front of Cherry Hut sign

Rainy Day in Green Bay

Well, when we awoke Friday morning and the weather wasn’t planning to cooperate for our outdoor activities, we fired up Google Maps and drew up a drive down to Green Bay for the afternoon. The weather in “Titletown” wasn’t much better, but at least we could spend some time shopping indoors instead of getting soaked.

For dinner, it was our Door County mainstay – pizza and gelato at Joe Jo’s. And boy, did it hit the spot. Other than Nikki’s Pizza in the food court in Whalers Village (that’s Maui, for those playing along at home), we haven’t found a better pizza that we could both polish off together. Mmmmm, I’m hungry just right about it.

North and Back

With the rain gone for Saturday, we were back on the road driving up the western side of the peninsula. We started with some shopping in Sturgeon Bay, followed by a relaxing drive up County Rd B (in lieu of Hwy 42). We hit the Main Street Market in Egg Harbor, and stopped in Sister Bay for lunch. First Christian ate a little cereal (video coming soon) and then Mama and Papa dined at Al Johnson’s. No goats this time, they were still at the farm after some roof repair.

Since we were that far north already, we went all the way to Northport. A fun drive as always, but Christian slept right through it. His first winding road car ride will have to come some other time.

On the way back, we made one last stop at the Cherry Hut between Fish Creek and Egg Harbor. That’s where the photo above was taken. And regarding the photo, a new rule is that Mama can’t wear hooded sweatshirts with strings in them. She agreed, with the condition that we stop going to places that are cold enough to require sweatshirts. Details. :P

Heading Home

Sunday means it’s time to head home, and despite losing the day Friday to rain, it was still a very nice trip. The next visit here will hopefully be met with more accommodating weather conditions and more time to explore the eastern side of the peninsula once again.

Until next time,
– Kris


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