On Vacation

Cindy and ChristianMama and Christian by the Bay

Getting Started

Although our morning started later than we had hoped on Wednesday, the drive up went pretty well. And unlike our drive to Iowa in April (where we arrived at 11:45pm) we made it with plenty of daylight left.

This shot was taken along the bay shortly after we finished dinner, while it was still about 85 degrees out. The problem was, however, that even though Mama and Papa ate, Christian was starting to get hungry himself. Which lead to the realization of a baby photography rule that I had just read the night before:

Full babies are happy babies.

Needless to say, we weren’t shooting much longer after this one.

12 Hours, 35 Degrees

To make matters worse, the temps up here dropped from about 85 at 8pm Wednesday night to about 50 degrees at 8am on Thursday. And although we had a good amount of sun during the day, we never passed the 65 degree mark. Bummer.

As far as our choice in weekends, the folks back home in Chicago were experiencing the same drop in temps from Wednesday to Thursday, too, so it wasn’t just up here. For some reason, though, that doesn’t seem like a good consolation prize.

Regardless, we’re just happy to get away for a little R&R (as much as you can have with a 6 month old, anyway) to hold us over until we get back to Maui in August. :)

– Kris


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