Playoff Results – Day 20

One lonely game on Monday night on the NHL Playoff schedule, but in true playoff fashion, it was another overtime thriller. Did Philly snap out of their funk after Game 1?

Day 20 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 0-1
  • Cindy: 1-0

Round 2 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 1-7
  • Cindy: 5-3

Mama’s streak continues while Papa and Christian look to put up something other than a zero at some point in this series.

It looked promising for all of about 0:30 seconds when we turned the game on and Philly was up 2-0. But by the next TV timeout, it was tied up at 2 apiece. Then, after dinner and a trip to Target, we came home to see what had to have been the fastest goal review in NHL Playoff history when Boston smoked it passed Boucher to take a 2-0 series lead.

With two games scheduled for Tuesday, the guys are looking for someone to help them get back on the board. If they still end up scoreless after Tuesday, it might be time to shut ‘er down. We’ll see.

– Kris

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